Justin Templar

C# Developer, Xamarin, Apple App Developer

About Me

A highly skilled front and back end web developer with experience working on a diverse range of projects from small to large-scale websites, with private business to corporate and government clients.

I also develop Mobile Apps using C# Xamarin and Swift iOS.

I'm constantly developing my skills and experiences through work and by consuming the web, looking for great ideas on how to use technology to improve myself and my work. I enjoy working on challenging and engaging projects, and also really enjoy solving a technical problem or two.

Find me on: or or

Key Skills

  • C#, .NET, Xamarin Forms
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript
  • Swift iOS Development
  • Azure and Microsoft SQL Server experence

RUN interval - Interval running made easier.

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Easily create custom interval running sessions to match your training program. Using time and/or distance as targets for both hard and easy efforts. You can also record your normal long runs with voiceover calling distance and pace feedback.

Along with great audio and visual feedback, detailed post-run summary, share your runs to Strava, and a full-featured Apple Watch app.

Pro Starter - Make track starts easy.

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Pro Starter is for athletes who want to practice starts while training.

If you are training alone or each athlete wants to start at the same time, Pro Starter will be your starter. Place it on the start line and press Start. Pro Starter will call out clear commands of a normal athletic Start Sequence.

The Start Sequence is: “On Your Marks”, “Set”, and pistol fire.